Business Series (Seminars)

Our Business Series are designed to provide our member companies with the education and connections they need to grow their day to day business. We bring in the experts that are indirectly related to construction that have impact to our business operations. These include legal, human resources, financial, investment, succession planning, insurance, and bonding to name a few. Join us in January through to April, with this series of can’t miss seminars that will benefit everyone in your company.

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  • Builder’s Lien – Cash Flow
  • WCB Information Session
  • Canada Alberta Job Grant
  • Company Culture – Do you Have One?
  • Employee Standards
  • New Energy Code – What Impacts will Affect You?
  • The RFP Process Defined
  • Regional Economic Forecasts
  • Budgeting For Small Businesses
  • Roadmap to Construction Contracts
  • Doing Business with the City of Red Deer
  • Insurance and Bonding – Construction